Livonija Baron Amber Amulet
  • 08.11.2023
  • 22724

Beautiful nice structure just about 15lbs too thick of a build for a doberman for my taste at least..looks like around 125lbs..very handsome and powerful

  • 07.11.2023
  • 8903

Doberman’s are true friends.Loyal, funny, protective a true blessing.RIP Lexie.

Funny Doberman Dog Compilation NEW
  • 02.11.2023
  • 4120

When my doberman walks inside, it sounds like he is wearing high heels ?

6 week old Doberman puppies
  • 02.11.2023
  • 1914

Aww, the red dobie looks exactly like my boy when he was that age. He's 4 1/2 now. Beautiful puppers!

Male vs Female Doberman Pinscher : 10 Differences Between Them
  • 01.11.2023
  • 2484

I love them with a passion

Doberman mom keeping dad away from the pups
  • 31.10.2023
  • 2453

Wow that dog dad “fought” harder to see his pups than my dad ever did to see us ?

Train Your Doberman: Taming the Prey Instinct!
  • 26.10.2023
  • 3537

These are a great trio?

Best of DOBERMAN Funny Compilation 2021 | Super Intelligent Dog | DogBreak
  • 26.10.2023
  • 2899

Love to see Doberman with the kids he so kind and lovely ?

Funny Doberman Videos 2017 - Funny Dogs Compilation
  • 24.10.2023
  • 3755

Simultaneously intimidating and adorable

Doberman Pinscher, 2018 National Dog Show, Working Group
  • 21.10.2023
  • 6024

The contrast between the elegance of the dog and the clumsiness of the lady is fantastic

Beau Gets A New Toy!
  • 19.10.2023
  • 2826

Heartwarming cuteness incoming! This dog is about to steal the show and your heart along with it.??

Rescued dog now entertains mom with hilarious screams - screaming staffy
  • 16.10.2023
  • 2313

He is so funny. Put a smile on my face. . God Bless him and his family ?

  • 12.10.2023
  • 3278

The main reason I want a doberman is so that I can have scary dog privileges when walking alone at night as a girl. This video definitely gave me more reasons to want them. They're so cute

11 Things you Have to Know before Owning a Doberman
  • 12.10.2023
  • 5258

Amazing dogs! I've had this breed for the most part of my life. This is my 4th and he's so loyal and extremely intelligent!